The Rubber Bite Cushion Appliance

is a thin inexpensive rubber shell that fits closely over the lower teeth for daytime wear.  However, unlike hard plastic appliances, it cannot be used for chewing, because the food bounces off the rubber. It is usually used during the days in conjunction with a hard plastic appliance worn during sleep. 

These appliances work by damping impacts from teeth crashing together. Teeth are jagged rocks. When they collide, they create shock waves that can be jarring to a neuromusculature already sensitized by chronic pain. The rubber bite cushion appliance softens bite impacts by covering the lower teeth with a continuous layer of thin rubber - like rubberizing the track that you exercise on. For people who clench during activities such as working out or driving, this cushioning protects their teeth and their muscles.

This appliance, like any rubber appliance, should not be used during sleep, because it evokes chewing activity.  People clench or grind more than normal, often while dreaming of eating.

THICKNESS can vary from ½ mm to 3 mm. Usually a 1 mm thick version provides adequate cushioning without affecting speech.  The rubber is strong enough to be very durable. 

COST, when we already have high quality impressions for making another appliance, is $300. If new impressions are needed, there will be a cost for that as well.