Welcome to the Portland TMJ Clinic

The website also describes the first oral appliance which operates at multiple levels of the pharynx and is therefore likely effective enough to cure most sleep apnea.  This significant advance in dental treatment of sleep apnea is being introduced in late 2013 and early 2014.  For more information click the SLEEP APNEA  tab.

The website is filled with content rather than patient testimonials, because content can help you understand your condition, but testimonials are just marketing.   It's easy for almost any kind of health care worker to obtain moving and heartfelt testimonials to support almost any type of treatment; because, there are always patients who have improved dramatically due to a statistical factor called "regression to the mean."  Regression to the mean occurs in any medical condition which normally fluctuates between getting better and worse over time, because most people seek treatment at a time when their symptoms are relatively severe and therefore likely to get better anyway.  In addition, because TMJ disorders eventually resolve due to adaptation, even without treatment, the relief of symptoms due to regression to the mean may feel like a permanent cure and therefore a resounding treatment success even if the treatment did not actually help at all.

Most of the content on this website is written in lay language so it can be understood by patients who are motivated to learn more about their condition.  Despite the simple language, the information is accurate and has not been "dumbed down" to make the treatments more marketable. 

Unlike other TMJ clinics, we offer a wide range of treatments and reasonable fees.  The fees for each oral appliance or office visit are stated up front, so we do not have to charge those who need minimal treatment to cover the costs for those who need a lot of treatment.  We usually begin with the simplest and least expensive treatment which is likely to eliminate the symptoms, and we add or change various orthopedic features when and if they are needed.  

Unlike other TMJ disorder practices in Oregon and Southwest Washington, we don't do any general dentistry.  Without long prescheduled dental procedures, we remain available to treat TMJ disorders on short notice almost any time. In addition, our in-house dental laboratory allows Dr. Summer to be personally involved with every aspect of the design and fabrication of each oral appliance, to prevent the tightness and thickness problems common to oral appliances made by commercial dental laboratories, and to change treatments on short notice and often in one appointment at chairside if needed.

Please call us at (503) 241-7353 for an appointment or consultation.